Sahan Savas Karatasli

Princeton University

Book Project

Book Project: “Global Waves of Nationalism: Capitalism, Geopolitics and State-Formation in the Longue Durée

My current book project concentrates on the relationship between historical capitalism and state-seeking nationalist movements in world history from 14th century to present. This book explain the complex inter-relationship between macro-structural dynamics of historical capitalism, international warfare, social revolutions and state-seeking nationalist movements. Contrary to much of the literature which predicted that the decline of nationalism would go hand-in-hand with the advance of capitalism, I show how state-seeking nationalism has followed a cyclical pattern (successively rising and declining) over the longue durée of capitalist history. The comparative-historical analysis utilized in the book also aims to provides an explanation for transformations over time in the form of state-seeking movements–from religious in the long 16th century to secular-democratic in the late 18th century and from ethno-nationalist in the 19th century to new emergent forms in the early 21st century–and how this evolutionary pattern is linked to the rise and decline of world hegemonies. The book also introduces a new major dataset of state-seeking movements in world history.